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There is a term in psychology called "important others", which means a person who has a major influence on your life, and everyone has such an "important other person" in mind, and my "important others" are not others, that is The grandmother who will live in my memory forever. This year is the second year of my master's degree and my professional qualification for hypnosis. I decided to go back to visit her, even if it is not a holiday, it is not clear. Because I have such achievements, I am definitely influenced by her. I have been studying abroad since I was a college student. It is always a long time before I can return home and visit my elderly grandmother. Every time I go to see her, she is always very happy, will always hold my hand, talk to me, the topic seems to never break. In my impression she is so kind, young and yearning for beauty. I always think she is far from death. However, once at that age, time seems to accelerate the flow, between the unconscious, after the last full spring. When I was studying at the second time, I heard the news of my grandmother��s death from home. I clearly remember that I booked the ticket for returning to China that night, because I just had a small holiday and I was relieved of the cumbersomeness of asking for leave from school. I didn��t cry. Because the sorrow at that time can no longer be vented with crying. Up to now, I can't imagine how I spent it. After four years in the long night, my mood has changed completely. In the two years of working in the hypnotist industry, I have a new understanding of life. Life is eternal, not enough to measure by time. Even if the body dies early, the soul is not rotted. It exists forever, but it is constantly attached to different flesh. Therefore, I have always believed that the "important others" in my life have always been by my side, always paying attention to me and helping me, but I can't see her. I am sitting on a passenger plane returning home. After I practiced self-hypnosis, I fell deeply into my memory. I opened a door in the darkness, and there was a bright sunshine and a smile behind the door. I saw me at the age of seven and sat with my grandmother. in the yard. Seven years old is not the age of the notes, but fortunately, the industry I work in can help me remember all the trivialities from birth, as long as I am willing to think. The sun shines on the face, and there is a warm feeling. Grandma hooks the straw hat and tells me the story. Even now I am not sure that this story is true Cigarettes Online. However, I have seen the phenomenon that I can't explain it scientifically. I can't be sure that this story is a grandmother's way of listening or compiling. When my grandmother is young, it is a rich lady, a grandfather is a businessman, and life doesn't need to be embarrassed. . I don't want a big fire to burn out my family business. I originally wanted to rely on only a few tens of acres of fields to cultivate a living but unfortunately encountered the "agrarian reform" Cheap Cigarettes. There was nothing at the end of the fall. Listening to my grandmother said that the grandmother and grandmother Because she died of hunger and cold, she told me that she had met and accepted a person when she was still rich. She described the appearance of that person to me. In the state of meditation, Grandma��s words at that time are still clear. Identify. He is an old man with yellow skin and pale hair. It looks like he is 70 or 80 years old but he is only 40 or 50 years old. His left eye is covered with a white mist on his lens because of a fire Newport Cigarettes. Can not see, such symptoms, in the current medical terminology should be cataract grandmother said that she is the closest to God, that he has a magical ability to see the future of the people, because the grandmother's kindness, he told Grandma, he can see the future of the people. For the feu
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