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The Yan flies just in the obfuscation, is suddenly waked up with a start by a burst of and violent rock.He opens once eyes see, discover water bottom one disorder, numerous miscellaneous articles or objectses flow along with the water current.But own unmanned machine divide time incredibly drive net at an open widely a net in, continuously be dragged along a surface.In the center still continuously of various collision happen with bottom of river rock, however unmanned machine machine the body is hard, didn't be subjected to in various collision what hurt.
Previous Yan's flying the whole right side chest is deeply worn by the big caliber bullet, condition of the injury severity, almost die, have already lost a mobility, however after getting the infusion of the mysterious energy in the black ball, the condition of the injury in his body is quickly resuming.Wait until he drive after huge action wake up with a start, discovered oneself's conditioned of the injury in the body resuming 70%, have already resumed a mobility, is the wound before the chest to also become scarred to shed off, looked to be like don't get hurt, very of magic.The mysterious energy of just a black ball has already no longer infused into Yan to fly inside the body, hence the Yan flies to accept black ball into in general use space.This black ball is rated as to protect a life absolute being machine and embodied its value, must not appear mishap.
The Yan flies a to tell time, discover oneself was just collapsed and fainted more than 40 minutes are still Paris time now 11:30 on that evening.Then he initiates the circumstance of quantum radar to river surface of unmanned machine to carry on a scanning and discovers right away the circumstance that oneself faces.
The unmanned machine divides time the steel wire dragnet net that a huge warship releases of quilt river surface to live, is dragged along river surface now.But beside of course of river side up, incredibly came together a great deal of rice non-commissioned officer soldier, they operate various rebind weapon to aim at course of river.Only and outside still the thunder and lightning hand over to add, storm, an appearance of world judgment day.
The Yan is flown obfuscation before just give the assistance Zhi the brain the bottom reached to upwards visit the distance of going in secret one kilometer, then incubated to remain on standby in the bottom of river of order, then collapsed and fainted past.Unexpectedly within this period of time the unmanned machine divided time and then wased discovered by a warship, Plantation shutters returned to be lived with the dragnet net by it.But the unmanned machine divide time because don't get own instruction, always foolish in the bottom of river, free to the above of the warship carry on dragnet to catch to it.
The Yan flew to just wake up, also didn't know to exactly take place what circumstance in he the collapsed and fainted this period of time.He still stays around to fearing of sneak attack own sniper, he is like an infant in that sniper's in front similar and small and weak, dint didn't strike back, this also again overturned concerning Wu Zhe in his heart and list soldier hot the real strenght contrast of the weapon power.However sit in the unmanned machine cockpit now at him so much, there is the protection of unmanned machine machine body, that sniper can not threaten to own safety any further.
The Yan flies a to understand the unmanned machine and oneself faces of circumstance, operate unmanned machine facing Seine downstream to go in secret right away.The unmanned machine is very violent in the underwater mobility, but what it faces is to wear a warship in the class escort, plus a big net of that steel wire very hard, so the unmanned machine has no to flounce a tying up of big net to round.
Top of in the warship, Plantation shutters be of Bo Er and Luo the guest discover a surface under of airplane true start, and in the underwater after going in secret, immediately delight with unexpected good news.They really have mental reservation to the others, tonight's activity in, the one who aim at to demolish is just their one among the targets, their more important purposes are to can sneak in a surface for the sake of finding out this under of fighter jets f-15, this is also one of Bo Er even forgetting a special product in this time is still among the missing of main reason.
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